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Name            Meaning)                        
Abram           Exalted Father
Abraham         Father of Many

Sarai           Like a Princess
Sarah           Princess, Queen

                      WIVES/CONCUBINES OF ABRAHAM

Name            Meaning)
Sarah           Princess/Queen
Hagar           Fugitive, Sojourner, Fugitive
Keturah         Incense

                      SON OF ABRAHAM AND HAGAR

(Name)         (Meaning)      (Where Descendants lived)
Ishmael        God hears       Arabia

                             SON OF ABRAHAM AND SARAH

(Name)        (Meaning)        (Where Descendants Lived)   
Isaac         Laughter          Israel/ Jordan              

                             SONS OF ABRAHAM AND KETURAH

Name)         (Meaning)                                
Zimran        Celebrated, Singer
Jokshan       Difficult                                 
Medan         Judgment           
Midian        Strife, Contention                 
Ishbak        Free, Leaving, Forsaken
Shuah         Swim, Prosperity, Depression

                               CHILDREN OF ISHMAEL

Name)                         (Meaning)                           
Nebajoth/Nabaioth              Husbandry                         
Kedar                          Powerful                            
Adbeel                        Languishing for God          
Mibsam                        Sweet odor                         
Mishma                        Fame                                   
Dumah                         Silence                                
Massa                         Burden                                
Hadad                         Mighty                                
Tema                           Admiration                         
Jetur                          Defense                             
Naphish                       Numerous                          
Kedemah                     Eastern                              
Bashemath/Mahalath   Perfume, Dancers, Illness


                               SONS OF ISAAC

Name         Meaning)                           Descendants Lived)
Esau         Hairy, Red                         Jordan
Jacob        Grasper of the heel, Supplanter    Canaan/Israel


                           SONS OF JOKSHAN
(Name)             (Meaning)         (Descendants Lived)
Sheba               Seventh             Arabia
Dedan               Low                   Arabia

                           SONS OF MIDIAN
(Name)    (Meaning)                     (Where Lived)
Ephah      Darkness                      Jordan, Sinai   
Epher       Mule                              Jordan, Sinai
Hanoch    Dedicated                      Jordan, Sinai
Abidah     Father of knowledge     Jordan, Sinai
Eldaah     Whom God called          Jordan, Sinai
                          SONS OF DEDAN
(Name)           (Meaning)                           (Where Lived)
Asshurim         Mighty ones                         Arabia                  
Letushim         Oppressed, Sharpened        Arabia
Leummim         Nations                                Arabia
Now we come to the famous Abraham!

He started out as Abram (Exalted father)
God changed his name to Abraham. (Father of Many)

His wife was born Sarai (Like a Princess)
God changed her name to Sarah (Princess, Queen)

Abraham and Sarah had one son named Isaac
Isaac married Rebekah and has Jacob and Esau.

Abraham also had an Egyptian concubine named Hagar
Hagar gave birth to Ishmael.
Ishmael married an Egyptian woman and had 12 sons who each founded an Arab tribe.
Ishmael also had a daughter who later married Esau.

After Sarah died, Abraham took a 2nd wife named Keturah
(Many people aren't aware of that fact!)
Keturah bore 6 sons, including Jokshan and Midian

Jokshan's descendants lived in Arabia

Midian's descendants settled in Jordan and Sinai and became the ancestors of the Midianites.

One Midianite clan settled in Sinai and became the Kenites
Moses' wife Zipporah was a Kenite
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