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Greece is a country in southeastern Europe in the southernmost part of the Balkan Peninsula.

It is bordered by Albania, Bulgaria and the Republic of Macedonia in the north and Turkey in the northeast.
The Aegean Sea is in the east, the Ionian Sea in the west, and the Mediterranean
in the south.

Greece includes over 1400 islands, 150 of which are inhabited.
The larger Greek islands are:
Ionian Islands

Athens is the capital and largest city.
The population is over 10 million.

94%      Greek
4%       Albanian
2%       Other

98%      Greek Orthodox
1.3%     Muslim
0.7%     Other

Greece’s history stretches back for thousands of years.
After the Flood the area was settled by Noah’s son Japheth.

Greece was home to the first advanced civilizations in Europe.
The Cycladic Civilization        Aegean Sea  islands        3200 B.C.
The Minoan Civilization          Crete                               2700–1500 B.C.
The Mycenaean Civilization    The mainland                 1900–1100 B.C.

From 776-500 B.C. Greek went through the Classical Period.

Various kingdoms and city states were formed:

Greek colonies spread to the Black Sea, Italy and Asia Minor (Turkey)

Greek went through an unprecedented cultural boom.
The Iliad and Odyssey were composed.
Great advances were made in philosophy, architecture, drama,
science and mathematics.

From 492-479 B.C. Greece fought off numerous invasion attempts from the Persian Empire.

After the Persians were driven back, conflict broke out between Athens and Sparta,
resulting in the Peloponnesian War (431-404 B.C.)

Greece was later conquered by the Kingdom of Macedon, under the leadership of Philip II.

After Phillip's death, his son Alexander III (The Great) begin a war of conquest.
Alexander established an empire that stretched eastward from Greece to India.

When Alexander died in 323 B.C. his empire, which was split into several
kingdoms, including the Seleucid Empire and Ptolemaic Egypt.

Greece became a Roman province in 27 B.C.
Greece was part of the Byzantine Empire from 5th c -1453 A.D.

From the 4th-7th centuries, the Balkan area, suffered from frequent invasions
from the Goths, Huns and Slavs.

In 1460 Greece fell under the control of the Ottoman Turks.
With the Turkish conquest, many Byzantine Greek scholars, fled westward to Italy,
contributing to the Renaissance.

Greece was under Ottoman rule from 1460-1830.

In 1830 Greece became independent after a  nine year War of Independence. (1821-1830)

As a result of the Balkan Wars (1912-1913 Greece increased its territory and population.

During the Greco-Turkish War (1919-1922) Greece tried to expand into Turkey
but was defeated.
Several hundred thousand Pontic Greeks died during this period.
After the war over 1.5 million Greek refugees from Turkey came to Greece.

Over the next several years Greece suffered from instability and political coups.

During WWII Greek was occupied by the Axis powers.
There was steep opposition from the Greek Resistance.
Over 100,000 civilians died from starvation during the winter of 1941–42.
The majority of Greek Jews were deported to Nazi extermination camps.

After WWII, Greece went through a civil war between Communist and Anti-Communist forces.
This led to economic devastation and severe social tensions for over 30 years.

During the next 20 years Greece went through rapid economic growth.

Greece’s economy mainly revolves around service, industry and agriculture.
Greek merchant marine is the largest in the world.
Tourism is also important and millions of visitors come every year.

Over past few years Greece has gone through a government debt and economic crisis.
There has led to much uncertainty and upheaval.
Protests and riots are increasingly common and frequently violent.

Greece received many undocumented immigrants during the 2000s.
Principal illegal immigrants are Albanians, Pakistanis, Kurds, Afghans, Iraqis and Somalis.

Migrants come through the many islands in the Aegean Sea or through Turkey.
Migrants who come across the Evros region bordering Turkey face land-mines.

Greek nationalism has been increasing and migrants are often mistreated.

The Greek Orthodox Church has been dominant in Greece for centuries
The Orthodox church was a focal rallying point during the years of Turkish
and German occupation.
Although this helped preserve Greek identity it also contributed to xenophobia.

Greeks have high regard for Orthodox institutions but few are involved
in church activities or attend regularly.
Many Greeks consider themselves Christians due to their infant baptism.
Many Greeks are ignorant of the Gospel message.

There have been growing calls from within the Orthodox community for the
re-evangelization of the Greek people.

Orthodoxy is considered part of Greek identity.
All other expressions of Christianity are seen as harmful to the culture.

In the past religious minorities have been persecuted by the government and frowned
upon socially by the majority.
In recent years things have improved, although discrimination occasionally occurs.

While Muslims and Jews enjoy official recognition, Catholics and Protestants often
face difficulties in getting the same recognition.

The relationship between Orthodox and Protestant communities has been characterized
by rivalry, mistrust and hostility.

Evangelicals are considered foreign and heretical.
Many Greeks are unreceptive to any non-Orthodox witness.

Many immigrants are unreached.

Pray that the economy stabilizes.
Pray that the violence and upheaval stops.

Pray that those attempting to migrate to Greek be protected from physical danger.

Pray that there be spiritual renewal and reformation within the Greek Orthodox Church.

Pray that discrimination ends.

Pray that there be reconciliation and collaboration between Orthodox
and Evangelical churches.

Pray that the Gospel message spread.

Pray that immigrants be exposed to the Gospel.
Prayer update: Greece

All of the above info comes from the following links


Operation World

Global Prayer Resource

World Prayer Map

Prayer Europe
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Biblically, this place became a powerful place of evangelization by St. Paul, Barnabas and others - like the churches at Thessaloniki (where 1st and 2nd Thessalonians are addressed) and Corinth (1st and 2nd Corinthians) et. al.

The dialogue of Paul with the Athenians at Areopagus also happened here (refer to Acts 17)

This is also the traditional place where Andrew the Apostle was tied for 2 days on the X-Cross and died of expiration under the governor of Patreas.

Luke the Evangelist was also said to have been killed by pagan priests by hanging on an olive tree here after Paul (his friend as Luke is the chronicler of the Act of the Apostles) was killed by Nero in Rome
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