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The Faroe/Faeroe Islands are an island group and under the sovereignty Denmark.
They are situated between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean,
halfway between Norway and Iceland.

Tórshavn is the capital and largest town.
The population is almost 50,000

The Faroe Islands are made up of 18 major islands.
16 are inhabited.

91%   Faroese
5.8%   Danish
0.7%   British
0.4%   Icelandic
0.2%   Norwegian
0.2%   Polish

93%   Protestant
6%     Non-religious
1%     Other

Scottish and Irish hermits and monks lived in the Faroes in the 6th century.
It is claimed that Saint Brendan, (484–578) visited the Faroe Islands.

In 850 A.D. Norsemen settled the islands.

Norway controlled the islands from the 11th-14th centuries.

In 1380 Norway entered the Kalmar Union with Denmark, which resulted
in Denmark gaining control of the islands.

When the union between Denmark and Norway was dissolved in 1814,
Denmark retained possession of the Faroe Islands.

In 1948 home-rule was introduced, with a high degree of local autonomy.

The islands experienced economic difficulties following the collapse
of the fishing industry in the early 1990.
Since then there have been efforts to diversify the economy.

Support for independence has grown.

The Faroese have control of most domestic matters.

Areas that remain the responsibility of Denmark include military defense, police, justice, currency and foreign affairs.

The economy is almost completely dependent on fishing and fish farming.
This dependency makes the economy vulnerable

Since 2000, new information technology and business projects have been fostered
to attract new investments.

Petroleum found close to the area has given hope for a possible oil industry.

Both the shrinking fishing industry and the still-speculative oil industry
have great environmental and social repercussions.

Many young people move to Denmark or other countries after leaving high school.

Over 90% of the population is Protestant.
29% are evangelical.

Brethren churches have made significant impact as missionaries,
both at home and abroad.
The Faeroe Islands send out a large number of missionaries to over 20 countries.

There has been rising secularism

6%  of the population is non-religious

Pray that the economy remains stable.

Pray that leaders make the right decisions in managing the shrinking
fishing industry and the still-speculative oil industry

Pray that wise decision be made regarding autonomy.

Pray that the training and sending of missionaries continue.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to continue impacting the Church in the islands.

Pray that Christians be wise in engaging secular attitudes.

Pray that the Gospel continues to spread.
Prayer update: Faroe/Faeroe Islands

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Global Prayer Resource…

Operation World
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