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Ace                       One
Aculeo                  Prickly
Adeodatus           Given to GOD
Adrian                  Of the Adriatic
Adriano                Of Adria
Adriel                   Congregation
Agricola                Farmer
Agrippa                Wild Horse, Born Feet-First
Ahala                    Armpit
Ahenobarbus        Red Beard
Alban                    White Hill
Albinus                 White
Albus                    White, Fair
Alta                      Tall
Alva                      Fair Complexion
Amadeus             Love of GOD
Amandus             Worthy of Love
America               Land of the Prince
Americus              Royalty
Ambustus             Burnt
Angelo                 Angel, Messenger
Annalis                Years
Antonius              Praised
Antony                 Praiseworthy
Aquarius              Water Bearer
Aquila                   Eagle
Aquilinus               Eagle-like
Aracely                  Heavenly Altar
Ardelle                   Warm
Arden                    Warm
Aries                      Ram
Armand                 Of the Army
Armina                  Noble
Arva                      Fertile
Arvina                   Fat
Asellio                   Keeper of Donkeys
Asta                      Bright as a Star
Atellus                  Dark Haired
Auberta                Noble, Bright
Augustus             Great, Venerable
Aulus                    Grandfather, Palace
Aurelius                Golden
Austine                 Exalted
Autumn                Fall Season
Avalon                  Island
Ave                       Hail, Bowing
Avi                        Lord
Avis                      Birds
Avitus                   Ancestral
Azure                    Blue

Balbus                 Stutterer
Barba                   Beard
Barbatus              Bearded
Bassus                 Plump
Benedict              Blessed
Bennett               Little Blessed One
Bestia                  Like an Animal
Bibaculus             Drunkard
Bibulus                 Drunkard
Blaesus                One who Stammers
Brocchus               Toothy
Bonaventure        Good Luck
Brutus                  Heavy, Dull Witted
Bubulcus              Cattle Driver
Bucco                    Fool
Bulbus                  Onion, Bulb
Buteo                    Buzzard

Caecus                 Blind
Caepio                 Onion Seller
Caesar                 Hairy, Cut
Caius                    Rejoice
Calidus                 Hot-headed
Calvin                   Bald
Cameo                 Shadow, Portrait
Cancer                 Crab
Candide               Pure, Bright
Capricorn             Goat
Cassius                Empty, Vain, Box
Calvus                  Bald
Camillus               Freeborn, Noble  
Caninus                Dog-like
Canis                    Dog
Canus                  Gold-Haired,  Grey-Haired
Capito                  Big Head
Carbo                   Charcoal
Cato                     Wise, Judgment
Catulus                 Puppy
Celer                     Quick
Cesar                    Hairy
Celsus                   Tall
Cicero                    Chickpea
Cicurinus               Mild, Gentle
Cilo                       Large Forehead
Cincinnatus           Curly-Haired
Clarence               Clear, Luminous
Claude                  Lame
Claudius               Lame, Crippled
Corbett                 Black Raven
Corbin                   Raven
Cordus                 Born Late
Cornelius              Horn, Horn-Colored
Cornicen               Military Bugler
Cornutus              Horned
Corvinus               Crowlike
Corvus                 Crow
Costa                   Rib
Crassipes             Club-Footed
Crassus                Fat
Crescentius          Grow
Crispin                  Curly-Haired
Crispinus              Curly-Haired
Crispus                 Curly-Haired
Cuello                   Leather Sack
Curio                    Priest
Cursor                  Runner, Courier
Curtis                   Courteous
Curvus                  Stooping
Cyriacus                Of the LORD  

Dacey                   Down, Below
Dacia                    Region below
Dacian                  From Dacia
Dante                   Lasting
Decimus               Tenth   
Dentatus              Toothy
Denter                  Toothy
Dento                    Toothy
Deodatus              Given to GOD
Dexter                   Flexible
Dionysius               Divine
Dives                     Rich
Dolabella               Hatchet
Dom                       Belonging to GOD
Dominic                  Belonging to GOD
Dominick                Belonging to GOD
Domitian                Having been tamed
Dorsuo                   Large Back

Elias                      The LORD is my GOD
Emil                       Copy, Emulate  

Fabio                     Bean farmer
Fabius                   Bean
Fabrizio                 One with Skilled Hands
Faunus                  The god of Forests
Faustus                 Lucky
Favian                   Brave Man
Faxon                    Thick-Haired
Felix                       Lucky, Successful, Happy
Festus                   Festival
Fidel                      Faithful
Figulus                  Potter
Fimbria                  Fringe of Clothing
Flaccus                  Floppy Ears
Fran                       Free
Francis                   Free
Frank                     Free
Flavius                   Golden
Flavus                    Golden-Haired
Florus                    Light-colored
Fronto                   Prominent Forehead
Fuller                     Launderer

Gaius                    Rejoice
Galeo                    Helmet
Gallus                   Rooster
Gemellus              Twin
Gemini                  Twins
Genero                 General, Generic
Glabio                   Kin of Glaber
Gurges                  Greedy, Prodigal
Guy                       Living, Spirit

Habtius                Good Physical Condition
Hadrian                Of Adria
Helva                    Dun-colored Hair
Herminius             Pile of Rocks, Of the Earth
Hilarius                 Cheerful
Honoratus            Esteemed
Horace                  Hour
Horatius                Hour, Time
Hyroniemus           Holy Man

Iago                     Supplanter
Imriosus              Domineering  

Janus                    Passageway
Jay                        Bird
Jerom                   Holy Man
Jerome                 Holy Name
Jovan                    Majestic
Julian                    Youthful
Julius                    Curly-Beard
Junius                   Youthful
Jupiter                  Father God
Justus                  Just

Kato                   Good Judgment
Korbin                 Raven
Kyrie                   The Lord

Laatus               Wearing Wool
Labeo                Prominent Lips
Larry                  Laurels
Laenas              Woolly Cloak
Laterensis          Person from the Hill
Lauca                 Lettuce
Lawrence           Crowned with Laurel
Leon                   Lion
Leonius              Lion
Lepidus              Amusing, Charming
Lerato                Song of my Soul
Letulus               Slow
Liberius               Free
Licinus                Bristly-Haired
Lincoln                Village by the Vale
Linus                  Flaxen-Colored
Livius                  Blue, Envy
Logus                 Tall
Longinus            Long
Lorenzo             Crowned with Laurel
Lorimer              Harness Maker
Lucas                 Light
Luce                   Light
Lucian                Man of Light
Lucifer                Bearer of Light, Bringer of Light
Lucius                Bringer of Light
Lucullus             Grove
Lucus                 Light
Luka                   Light
Luke                   Light
Lupus                 Wolf
Lurco                  Greedy
Macer                 Thin
Macula                Spot, Blemish
Major                  Better
Malleolus            Hammer   
Marc                   Rebellious
Marcell               Warlike
Marcello             Young Warrior
Mearcellus          Young Warrior
March                 Walk Forth
Marcus               Warlike
Marin                  Of the Sea
Marinel               Of the Sea
Marianus            Warlike
Marinus              Of the Sea
Marius                Warlike
Mark                   Warlike, Rebellious
Martin                 Warlike
Marty                  Warlike
Marius                 Warlike, Of Mars   
Mauro                  Dark Skin
Maurus                Dark-Skinned
Max                     Greatest
Maxim                  Greatest
Maximilian            Great
Maximus              Greatest
Mercury                Trade, Of the Earth
Merenda               Light Meal
Meris                    Of the Sea
Mergus                 Sea-Gull
Meridius               Middle
Merritt                  Deserves Good Fortune
Merula                  Black Bird
Metellus               Army-follower
Milan                    From the City of Milan
Montana              Mountain
Morris                  Dark Skinned
Murena                Eel
Mus                      Mouse, Rat
Musca                   Fly

Narcissus             Sleep, Numb
Nasica                  Big-Nosed
Naso                    Big-Nosed
Natta                   Artisan
Nepos                  Grandchild
Nero                     Powerful
Nerva                   Vigorous
Niger                    Black Skin, Black Hair
Nolelle                 Christmas
Nonnie                 Ninth
Nova                    New
Novellus               New
Nuncio                  Messenger

Ocella                   Small-Eyed
Octavio                 Eighth
Octavious             Eighth
Oistin                    Venerable
Oliver                    Olive Tree
Optimus                Best
Oral                      Speaker, Word
Orde                     Beginning
Ordell                    Beginning
Orien                    Orient, East
Oriole                   Golden, Golden Bird
Orsen                   Bear
Orsin                    Bear
Orso                     Bear
Orson                   Bear
Otho                     Wealthy
Ovid                      Egg-Shaped

Paetus                 Squint, Blink            
Pansa                  Splay-footed
Paterculus            Little Father
Patrick                  Noble
Patricus                Noble
Paul                      Small
Paullus                 Small
Pavo                     Peacock
Pax                       Peace
Paxton                 Town of Peace
Pera                     Shoulder Bag
Peregrine             Wanderer
Perrin                   Traveler
Pictor                    Painter
Pilate                    Armed with a Dart
Pisces                   Fish
Piso                      Mortar
Plancus                 Flat-footed
Plautus                 Flat-footed
Pompey                From Pompeii, Fifth
Pomponius           From Pompeii
Pontius                 Fifth, Belonging to the Sea
Poplicola               Friend of the People
Poppy                   From the Flower
Porter                   Door Guard
Postumus             Born after the Father's Death
Praeconinus         Relative of the Herald
Praetextatus        Young  
Pricus                   Ancient
Primus                  First, Prime
Prince                   Royal Son
Proculus                Born during the Father's Absence
Prosper                 Fortune
Publicola                Friend of the People
Publius                  Public, Fifth
Pulcher                  Attractive
Pullus                    Child
Pulvillus                Small Cushion
Purpureo              Wearing Purple  

Quade                    Fourth
Quadratus              Stocky
Quant                     How much?
Quentin                  Fifth
Quintillus                Fifth
Quentin                  Fifth
Quintus                  Fifth

Ralla                       Tunic
Regillus                   Prince
Regis                      Rules
Regulus                  Prince
Remus                    Fast
Rex                         King
Roman                    From Rome
Rome                      Strength, Power
Romeo                    Of the Romans
Romulus                 Strong, Powerful
Romy                      From Rome
Ronnie                    Likeness, Image
Ronny                     True Image
Rufus                      Red-Haired
Ruga                       Wrinkly
Rullus                      Boor
Rutilus                     Reddish-Gold Hair

Salinator                 Salt-Harvester               
Santa                      Saint
Saturninus              Dedicated to Saturn
Scaeva                   Left-Handed
Scaevola                Left-Handed
Scapula                  Shoulder-Blade
Scaurus                  Lame, Swollen Ankle
Scipio                     Rod, Staff     
Scorpio                   Scorpion
Scrofa                     Sow
Sebastian               Venerable  
Sebastien               Venerable
Secundinus             Second
Secundus                Second  
Seneca                    Elderly
Septimus                 Seventh
Sereno                    Calm, Serene
Sergio                     Attendant, Servant
Sergius                   Attendant, Servant
Servius                   Preserve
Severino                Severe
Severo                   Severe
Severus                 Severe
Sextus                   Sixth
Sidonius                From Sidon
Silas                      Man of the Forest
Silanus                  Nose, Water-spout
Silo                        Snub-nosed
Silvanus                From the Forest
Silus                      Snub-nosed
Simeon                  Heard
Spurius                 Of Illegitimate Birth    
Stolo                     Plant Shoot
Strabo                  Squinty
Sulla                      Bright, Viewed
Sura                      Leg Calf

Tacitus                   Silent, Mute
Taurus                   Bull
Terence                 Tender, Gracious
Terrence                Tender, Gracious
Terris                     Tender, Gracious, Good
Terry                      Tender, Gracious
Tertius                   Third
Thracius                 From Thrace
Tiber                      Water
Tiberius                 Of the Tiber(River)
Titus                      Title
Tomas                   Twin
Tony                     Worthy of Praise
Topaz                    Golden Gem
Trenton                 Town by the Rapids
Trey                       Three
Triarius                  Soldier
Trigeminus             Triplet
Tubero                  Tumor, Swelling
Tubertus               Tumor, Swelling
Tubulus                 Little Tube
Tuditanus             Mallet
Tullus                   Peaceful
Turdus                 Thrush
Turner                  Machine Worker  
Tybalt                  He who Sees

Ulysses               Hater  
Urban                  From the City

Valentino             Health, Love
Valerian               Potent, Strong
Valerius               Strong
Varian                 Fickle, Changeable
Varinius              Versatile
Varius                 Versatile    
Varro                  Block-head
Varus                  Bow-legged
Vatia                   Knock-kneed
Verne                  Youthful
Vernon                Youthful
Verres                 Pig   
Vespasian           Evening, Wasp
Vespesianus       Evening, Wasp   
Vesper                Evening
Vetus                  Old
Vic                       Victorious
Victor                  Victor, Conqueror               
Victorius              Conqueror
Vin                      Victorious
Vince                   Victorious
Vincent                Victorious
Virgil                    Strong, Flourish
Virgo                   Virgin
Vitulus                 Calf
Vitus                    Life

Xavier                 New House

York                    From the Yew Tree
Zoe                     Life
Zola                    Earth
Zona                   Sash
Alright everyone here is a list of Roman names! People are definitly going to find some names that are familiar here!

The ancient Romans took their names very seriously and had a very complex system of names and naming.

From their earliest history, lineage was extremely important to the Romans. Their society was made up
of dozens of different Gens/Clans (A group of related families).
A person would have both a given name and a Clan name that gave some information about the Clan's background.

Later, especially among aristocrats, family names were developed so as to connect a specific family to the deeds of more direct ancestors.

By the time of the Late Roman Republic, a Roman would have three names, which could tell you a lot about their background and family history:
Their Praenomina Given Name
Their Nomen Clan Name
Their Cognomen Family Name

Here’s an example:
Julius Caesar’s full name was Gaius Julius Caesar.
Gaius was his given or first name
Julius was the name of his Clan
Caesar was the name of his Family

The Julius Clan, claimed to be descended from the Trojan prince, Aeneas, who was said to be the son of the goddess Venus.

The Caesar Family was said to have begun with a member of the Julius clan was born by Caesarian section, had very curly hair, and at one time killed an elephant.

When a foreigner obtained Roman citizenship they would automatically take a new Roman name

There is a difference between Roman names and Italian names. The Romans were part of the Latin people, and spoke Latin, which is what these names are. Latin has been pretty much a dead language for centuries.
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