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Abongameli            President
Amahle                   Beautiful ones
Amehlo                  Eyes
Andile                    The family is growing, The family is extended
Ayanda                  Augment the family
Ayize                     Let it happen

Bandile                  They have extended in number
Bangizwe               Fighting for Land, Born during a War
Bheka                    Behold, Take care of
Bhekisisa               Careful, Cautious
Bhekithemba          Look for Hope
Bhekizizwe             Look after the Nations
Bongani                  Be thankful, Grateful
Buyisiwe                 Returned

Cashile                    Hidden, Child of Secret Birth
Cetshwayo              Slandered
Chaka                     Beetle, Out of Wedlock
Chakide                 Weasel
Chitauli                   Dictator, One who tells the Law

Dabulamanzi           Divider of the waters
Delani                     Content
Dida                        Puzzle
Dingane                  One who Searches
Dingiswayo             Wanderer
Dube                       Zebra
Dumisa                   Causes thunder
Dumisani                 Praise, Glorify
Duna                       Headman

Fanyana                 Little Boy
Fudu                      Tortoise
Fulathela                Turn the back
Gazini                    Blood
Gebhuza                Slashing warrior
Ghakarhi               Fierce Warrior
Godlumthakathi     Holds back the Wizard
Gugu                     Treasure    
Gwala                   Coward
Gwembeshe          Bow-legged

Hlatshwayo             Stabbed one
Hlelile                      Reversed
Hlengiwe                 Rescued  

Ibubesi                 Lion
Ifu                        Cloud
Igama                   Name
Ikhanda               Head
Impela                 Truth
Impi                    Army
Impisi                 Hyena
Indlovu               Forceful
Induna               Advisor, Great Leader
Ingane               Child
Ingiyab              Serpent
Ingqondo           Intelligence
Ingwe                Leopard
Inyoni                Bird
Iqaqa                Polecat
Iqhunde             Rooster
Izagala              Stick
Izula                 Nomad

Jama                Stern Countenance
Jabu                 Rejoice
Jabulani            Rejoice

Kgabu             Richly decorate
Kubu               Rebellion
Kwanele          It is enough
Kwazulu          Place of Heaven

Lindani            Wait, Be patient
Lindela            Wait for something
Lindelani         Wait
Londisizwe      Protect the Nation
Lungile            Good One

Malusi              Shepherd
Mandla            Power
Manelesi          Satisfier
Mapoza           One who chases
Mbube             Lion
Mhambi           Traveler
Meshindi          Conqueror, Victor
Mondli             Feeder
Msizi                Helper
Mthunzi            Shade, Shadow
Mvelo              Creation

Nhlahla            Luck
Nhlakanipho    Wisdom
Njabulu           Happiness
Nkonkoni        Champion, Leader
Nkosi              King

Phila                 Good Health
Philani              Be well, Be patient
Phumlani          Rest

Qinisela           Persevere

Sakhile                   We have built
Sandile                   We have increased
Sanele                    We are satisfied
S'bu                        Blessing
Senzangakona         Acts for a good reason
Shaka                     Beetle, Out of wedlock
Sibakabaka             Sky, Blue sky
Sibongile                 We are thankful
Sibongiseni              We are thankful
Sibusiso                   Blessing
Sifiso                       What we wished for
Simphiwe                 We have been given him
Siphamandla             Give us strength
Siphelele                   We are complete
Sipho                        Gift
Sithembile                  We trust
Sithembiso                 Promise
Siyabonga                  We thank you
Siyanda                      We are growing
Siza                            Help
Sizwe                          Nation
S'phamandla               Give us strength

Tandie                      Fire
Thabo                      Happiness
Thando                    Love
Thatha                     Take
Themba                   Trust, Faith
Thulani                    Be still, Be comforted

Ubaba                      Our Father
Ufasimba                  Haze  
Ukuhlala                   Live
Ukudlala                   Play
Ukuza                      Come
Ulwazi                     One with knowledge
Umgibeli                  Passenger
Umklomelo              Prize
Umzuzu                   Moment
Unathi                     He is with us
Ushimi                      Ten
Ukuxhasa                Support
Uyathanda               He loves
Uyise                        Their Father

Vala                      Close
Vusi                      Builder of the Home
Vusumuzi               Builder of the Home

Wandile                Extra

Xolani                   Peace

Zithembe              Trust yourself
Zishwezi               Gliding
Zulu                      Heaven, Sky
For those of you interested in names from South Africa,
here are a list of Zulu names.


The Zulu are the largest ethnic group in the nation of South Africa,
with a population of about 10 million.
Their history is very long and complex and reaches back thousands of years.

Around 3000-2000 B.C. there was a major cultural renaissance in the southwestern Nigerian/Cameroon area, which resulted in better developments in agriculture, metalwork and animal husbandry.

These advances led to an explosion of exploration, settlement and expansion.
Over the next few thousand years hundreds of different groups spread throughout central, eastern and southern Africa. Because all of the groups spoke a common language, they became known as the Bantu

Four main groups of Bantu speaking people settled in the South African region from 2000 B.C.-9th c. A.D.

1 The Nguni
2 The Sotho-Tswana
3 The Vhavenda
4 The Shangana Tsonga

The Nguni were the largest of the South African Bantu.
And they themselves were made up of several different groups.
The Ndebele
The Ngoni
The Shangaan
The Swazi
The Xhosa
The Zulu

The Zulu are probably the most well known of the Nguni. Their famous king, Shaka, (1787-1828) instituted various military reforms and tactics and built up a powerful army.

By the time he died in 1828, Shaka ruled over 250,000 people, had an army of over 50,000 troops and had made the Zulu one of the most powerful nations in southeastern

The Zulu warrior tradition continued after Shaka's death. Zulu Impi (Armies) were famous for their organization and discipline. Their warriors could run up to 50 miles without stopping, were absolutely fearless and were so skilled with their spears that they could shave and cut their hair with them.

In fact the Zulu army was the only African army that ever defeated a British army, which it did in the Battle of Isandhlwawa in 1879
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